Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To others only heaven

It's no secret that I like math, love math, think about math quite often. But I'm awful at math. I guess I just don't understand it. But that doesn't stop me from loving other things that I don't understand, such as men, my mother, and Descartes.

Would that the world were a triangle and we could just apply a formula to the problem. To understand. And to find a solution.

above is the poem "Pi, Pythagoras, and I" by Mark Young. It was first published in "word for /word," a wonderful online literary journal. The link to the poem is here.

To borrow a page from Ellison's playbook, I'm going to set my itunes to random and do a little 10 song playlist for the day, here we go:

1) "Don't Need a Drum" Teenage Fanclub
2) "I'm a Changed Man" Otis Redding
3) "Lucky in Love" Teddy Goldstein
4) "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" The Kinks
5) "Dreamed I Saw Soldiers" Neil Halstead
6) "Track 17" Lily's Dad's Soul Mix
7) "A Satisfied Mind" Johnny Cash
8) "Dying" xtc
9) "Man of God" Neil Diamond
10) "Music" Leela James

That was fun! I'm going to do that more, thanks for the idea, Ellison!

Every time I listen to this song, I imagine myself as the lead singer. We're in a dark sweaty bar, it's our first time performing live and it's some kind of battle of the bands thing. We get on stage and the crowd wonders if this m.lady with questionable fashion sense can really compete against the line-up for the night. Then I go and hit that long high note and tear back into the lyrics. Oh, and I'm also playing electric guitar. Snap.

You may recognize this song from "Kill Bill, Vol.2" It's performed by Chingon, a band formed by Robert Rodriquez.

And it's a fucking amazing song.

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