Monday, August 28, 2006

Lean right. Turn right and now you’re on a bigger road. Lanes are defined. You are another current of the wind.

Days off I sit on the back steps, we call our porch, and write and drink coffee and listen to the radio.

Sometimes I sit in "silence." The silence of my neighborhood, which is a train rumbling a few blocks away. Church bells. Car doors swinging shut. Car engines starting up and bike tires slicking around corners. Keys jangling to find the right one to open a door. Cabinets squeeking open and slamming shut.

Today, I worked on a story about a bike ride to work. I like it very much and hope it will find a home soon. It occurred to me to pick up this previously abandoned story the other day when, for the first time ever, I took both hands off of the handlebars of my bike and flew a car length or two down a side street not too far from here. Like I was a kid playing at being an airplane. Only I'm 26 and I was playing at being free free free.

A couple of years ago, when I worked at a cafe, a friend of mine and I were talking music "at work." I told him about a cd I was reviewing. The verdict was that the band had listened to the radio and said "we can do that" and did what they heard instead of what they were capable of so the result was disappointing.

The conversation then turned to my need to buy some new music rather than rely on the free cds I had to review. The friend asked what cds I would like to buy and I told him I thought I wanted a Clem Snide cd. He said some unkind remark about Clem Snide and told me that I should use my money for good and not waste it on blah blah blah. He told me to buy a cd by the Stone Roses instead. He did not suggest that I buy the cd, he very nearly demanded that I check this band out. How did I call myself a music fan and not know of the Stone Roses?! And so on. Even as we mopped and swept and carried produce into the walk-in freezer, he continued his argument regarding the Stone Roses. I trusted this friend's musical taste completely and so the next time I was at Newberry Comics, I bought a Stone Roses album.

And I am ever eternally grateful for the suggestion (and the harassment).

However, I still dig Clem Snide.

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