Monday, August 21, 2006

Ah, sweet progress, my unfinished edges

There is a light. He knows light. It is as close to any idea of home he has ever known and so he walks toward it. Body in darkness. Eyes forward to the glow.

Dani finally pulled herself from a sleepless bed and made her way to the kitchen . Traced her hand along the wall through the dark hallway and once in the kitchen, turned on a light, a small lamp on the table.

The house is made of brick. He knows brick.

Dani makes herself a cup of black tea even though she doesn't need the caffeine. Adds some milk, honey, and whiskey.

The door is made of glass. He knows glass. And inside there is a light he knows.

He sits at the table, across from Dani. He is naked again. Shivering. "You're Home," she says and pushes the mug across to his side of the table. He holds it with both palms. The mug is warm. She takes off her robe and wraps it over his shoulders and makes another cup of tea. Adds milk, honey, and whiskey.

At the table sits a woman. He knows woman


And now, the Elisson-inspired top 10 from itunes

1) "I'd Rather Be Blind (cover)" Man Man
1+1) "Bad Dreams" Tricky
5-2) "Love Hurts!" Sound Opinions podcast
square root of 16) "Walk Like a Camel" Southern Culture on the Skids
18-13) "Blinuet" Zoot Sims
2 x 3) "Breaking Away" Ratatat
21 divided by 3) "Dead" Pixies
half of 16) "Jesus Be a Fence Around Me" Sam Cooke
3 x 3) "This is the One" The Stone Roses
10) "Just to See You Smile" Will Oldham

It's always the last cigarette in the pack that has the potential of being the last cigarette ever.
And it's always always always the last cigarette in the pack that burns too quickly.

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