Monday, July 24, 2006

shape versus shadow

What I mean is that many objects retain their shape, but the definition changes:

(that's Somerville, MA in the background)

So these flowers used to be red or pink or yellow. They used to be soft and filled with moisture. They used to smell sweet and welcome visitors to this house. And now, they are stiff, brittle, and smell sour when you lean in and think that maybe they're still holding on to a little bit of what they used to be. Truth is, like Cobi said, even though they're dead, they're still really beautiful.

This is what I'm working on:
What is sleep when you're already dead? What is dead when you're already dead. What is sleep when you're dead already. You're dead already when sleep is what you're already. What is sleep when dead is sleep what you're already when dead? When you're already dead is sleep what already you're dead when what is sleep? What is what sleep is already dead what is already when dead is sleep? Is sleep dead? Already you're sleep when dead is what already?

I love this band.

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