Sunday, June 18, 2006

Steal everything you touch

excerpt from a story I call "Kill Me Forever"

If the world revolved around us, would we redefine the galaxy and be two stars burning side-by-side? Or would we be one light, spitting flame until we self-destruct and float in darkness. Content, but cold, searching the universe for a world that revolves around a star and not an ego or two; relieving us of the burden of godliness and gravity.

All of my library books are overdue and I'm late for work.
My feet hurt from all the walking last night and there's a new zit on my forehead.
My bank account cries whenever I call its name and a new batch of rejection just found its way to my door.
But this song.
This song is good good times.
I am happy that I am alive to hear it.
Oh No! Oh My!
and it's a *live* version.
lucky you.

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