Wednesday, May 03, 2006

something like this is words we never use

Happiness is sold in late night infomercials

and I buy into the idea that I am an

overenthusiastic actor in an ugly sweater

and you are some new invention that will

create juice like I've never seen before


You're the most spectacular thing that I've ever seen!(!!)

--you can't quote me on that--

quotes are what we use when we don't know what we mean
you know what I mean?

Notes in pocket:
  • a few days ago an 83 year old Korean woman started talking to me on the train
  • she told me to work hard becuase writing is "very hard...very hard"
  • A man cried in front of me today, becuase he had just gotten eye drops, but still
  • I stood really really very quite close to Jackson Pollack's "Greyed Rainbow" and I totally and completely understood

This is a still frame from a video I'm working on:

This song is quite appropriate to this evening (Thanks, Said the Gramophone):

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