Saturday, May 20, 2006

it's the thought that counts

I have to apologize for that last post (of May 17).
It was a pretty lame post.

The above notes are for the nail essay. I took out two of the portions in the above notes.

#2 reads "Once I had a friend." That's a note for:

Once I had a friend and the title that I gave her was Best. We wore this label etched on a silver heart broken in two. Those two parts looped on two delicate chains hung from our necks as jewelry. My read "st ends" and hers "be fri." This was our declaration of permanence.

#3 reads "I'm standing in the moonlight. I'm hanging from a streetlight." That's a note for:

I'm throwing stones at your window. Handfuls of pebbles that, when they hit the glass, make a sound like pat-a-tat-a-titter-dee-tat. But you don't wake up.
I throw rocks that, when they hit the glass, break through.
I throw sticks and fallen branches of various sizes. You don't come to the window. You don't look to see what's causing this racket.
I'm at the door. I'm climbing up the wall. I'm on the roof looking for my own way in. I'm standing in the moonlight. I'm hanging from a streetlight. I'm walking into you with the strangest intentions.
And when you finally do come to the door and take a sleepy step outside, you don't hesitate to ask, "who's there?"

I took them out of the essay because, even though the intention is there, the language isn't. The language is very much not there, but I do love the intention. So, soon enough, I'll figure out what to do with these little bits of prose.

Wow and Flutter, check 'em out.

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cc said...

it's funny. the day before i read your last post I wrote something in my little book that included such things as:

"Playing scrabble isn't writing. Doing the laundry isn't writing. Reading a book isn't writing."

etc, there were a lot of them.