Sunday, March 12, 2006

straight up now tell i caught in a hit and run?

I was hit by a car yesterday.

No, okay, I was nudged. But still, a car made uninvited contact with my person while proceeding through a crosswalk.

I was left with a bruised toe and a bad attitude.
The driver was left with the lesson to look both ways before being illegal.

That's a note on my wall. I read a poem and the author used the word "runnel" as a verb. I thought that was wonderful.

  • King Kahn likes the sound of olden times
  • On his own, he mixes the oldies beats with a modern sensibility
  • With BBQ, it's all retro
  • It's all John Waters bright colors and transvestite Baltimore soundtrack
  • It makes you bippity bop in the kitchen in stocking feet sliding this way and that over the linoleum
  • It's so good


Player of words said...

did he stop to see if you were ok?!?! Dude that was a hit and run ....

cc said...

that is some fizupped shizznatty. my goodness. you should sue him (her?) for everything they're worth and then write a tell all about how bad a driver they are.

sorry i didn't call you back on saturday--i was watching harry potter and generally being a slob