Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New links and a "story" from my couch-crashing days

I put up several new links over there on the right. Check Word for/Word, 5_Trope, Thieves Jargon,House Press, Interesting Ideas, and Learning to Love You More for some mind-blasting creativity. Pow.

Also, please check out PaintEddiePaint. The blog of one Eddie Hamilton, a painter living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Below are a couple of paintings he did using some text from a story I wrote and sent to him. He took a story that I considered to be on this level and took the text to THIS level. That's why he's super. The images are bigger on his website. So check it out. (And hey, don't worry, he's not heavy, he's my brother.)

Hows about some music?
  • Josh Ritter knows my friends, Jean and Marta
  • and through my friends, I met Josh Ritter
  • In my heart, is a memory of a summer night when we were all having dinner at Jean and Marta's apartment in Somerville, Mass.
  • The night progressed, we ate lots, and drank more
  • Ended up in the basement, in a small spare room (the same room that I spent my first week of my adult life, sleeping on a foldout couch, but that's another story)
  • We were in the basement and Josh grabs a guitar that was sitting in the corner and starts playing, not all show-offy, just because that's what he loves to do
  • and he plays music and tells stories for a very very long time
  • It was a good night
  • He's a nice guy and deserves all the good that has come his way

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cc said...

Before I went to the Ritter link I thought you were talking about Jason Ritter...John Ritter's son...and I couldn't help but smile at the thought of you hanging out with the progeny of a Three's Company cast member.

But Josh Ritter's site was pretty cool too, so I give you the proper props.