Tuesday, March 14, 2006

in the pines, in the pines, the sun, the shine, i'll shiver the whole night through

New Video!

Finally, Google video is agreeing with me.

This is a new video of my friend working on some art. I had a lot of fun playing with video direction (reversing clips, etc), creating still-motion, and making a three minute video out of about 45 seconds of video.


I've been familiar with Leadbelly (the singer of the song of the soundtrack of the video) for a while, but in a very peripheral kind of way. In a lovely turn of events, a few months ago, I saw Tyehimba Jess read at Myopic Books. If I remember correctly, this was the first poem he read. Talk about a first impression.


by Tyehimba Jess

freedom is what you can buy with a song. after the song has been soldered into your lungs. after the song has beaten its way inside your dreams. after the song has snuck its way into your bed. after the song has knuckled you under. after the song has festered and blossomed and festered again. after the song has stolen your fingers and robbed your voice blind. after all this, you try to sell the song that can never be sold. you end up with your hand out, waiting for the words that spell freedom.

freedom is every dirt road ground into whiskey still of my voice, my backpocket buck knife blade sharpening silence, coiled up close to copperhead, dime and dollar bill, the price of a pint and the slow violence of a victrola spittin’ bessie’s blues. freedom is my baby’s tit in my palm, a song in the sweetback sling of her legs, the snakeoil slide of dreadnaught guitar string strung and standing hard in darkened dayroom corners. freedom lurches in and out of my life heavy as the swollen secret of a noose.

A few days after the reading, I emailed Mr. Jess and asked him to recommend a few books for me to read. This is his list of influences:

Komunyakaa (neon vernacular)
Patricia Smith (just won national poetry series)
Ai (earlier work)
William Matthews (later work)
Tim Seibles (hammerlock)
RIta Dove (thomas and Beulah)


subpopbarrio said...

dear m.,

a dear Chicago friend recommended your blog as exceptionally tech and audio savvy. Could I solicit any advice from you on getting Video and audio clips on my blog?

p.s. the pomeranian is a nice touch.

gracias- wetburrito

m.lady said...

hey subpopbarrio,

go to upload.video.google.com

That's what I use. It's not the best, but it's okay.

You should also click on "your treat" in the sidebar. She has videos too.

Lindsay said...

I do?

I should.