Wednesday, March 29, 2006

evolution ain't just for monkeys

A while ago, I brought an essay into my workshop class and got a pretty positive response.

When I went back to work on the essay I realized that I needed to break it down completely and develop it from a new place. The new essay is probably, in its current form, weaker than the first version. But by breaking it down and shifting the focus, I expect this essay to go in a clear and, well, an awesome direction. Where as the first essay would have been functional, but really, nothing special.

Think of it this way:
Essay #1 is the Neanderthal
Essay #2 is the Cro-Magnon

This is where we transition to:

This sketch from one of Darwin's notebooks and reprinted in "Newsweek."

Back in my BS (Bachelors of Science, bitches) days, I studied the science of video editing. One project required that my classmate and I spend hours upon hours upon hours upon hours editing videotape in a ve-heh-heh-ry small room together. Our hours upon hours upon hours upon hours of conversation led to my education of (on?) Asian Man Records.

  • Asian Man
  • California-based.
  • They loves the small bands.
  • The punks.
  • Even the ska-enthusiasts have a home.
  • My first delve into Asian Man (thanks JR) was Dan Potthast.
  • I recommend his music.
  • I HIGHLY recommend his music.
  • But, I couldn't find a link to an mp3.
  • So you'll have to settle with another lovely and charming group, Good For Cows. Enjoy.

btw: my birthday is in 2 weeks (logo sweatshirt with hood, small)

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Aries in the HOOOOUUUUUSE!