Sunday, February 19, 2006

yellow notebook

Part 2 of the process, this is fun, huh?

I've been thinking
about what it is that I love about writing stories
and why, even though my "style" isn't going to get my any $$$$
I still write fiction/prose/stories
I say "this is a story"
part of this whole grad school thing is learning to listen
to my own voice
I mean, I do listen to all the voices around me saying, you won't make any money off of this
"who is your audience?"
why isn't anyone asking me about the story?

Mousehead has been writing about prostitutes lately. Thus, I give you Darondo.
Darondo was a pimp.
Darondo did some singing.
Pimps, hos, that's the way it goes.
I found this post on Soul Sides, a soul music blog. It won't be accessible long, so checkitout.

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cc said...

yeah your mom knows about pimps and know...because she's a ho herself...not really...just kidding...wink wink. shh.