Thursday, February 16, 2006

post-its and Foucault x 2

The Internet seems to like me again, therefore, I will attempt to do my whole "process" thing, only I'm not going to do it all in one big post, rather, I am going to split it into several happy little posts.

Today, we have the *impulse moment.*

This is when a group of words jumps into my head and I need to repeat them over and over until I find a pen and paper. Usually, the pen and paper is found when I get home (from the train) and I immediately write the thought down. And stick it to my wall.

Then, as I am sitting at my very small desk, I stare at the wall and all the words and I go "what do you want?"

The song below is an old old song, usually sung in a "bluesy" style. This time it is by Jeffrey Foucault.
  • He is a nice young man.
  • He resides in Massachusetts.
  • He is typically categorized as a folk singer.
  • He can play the guitar like nobody's beeswax
  • He shares a surname with a famous philosopher.
  • Chris Smither thinks he's neat
  • I think Chris Smither is neat

I highly recommend that you listen to this song. It is what the kids call "good."

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