Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let's Just Throw Punctuation Out the Window, Yaaaaaay!!!!!

And the winner for most fantastic sentence of the week is:

"If I have a problem, it is this: there is a store where everything costs a dollar"

From "Yours" by Gary Lutz.
From his Collection Stories in the Worst Way.

I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling with the short story as a form that must compromise between language and plot read some Gary Lutz.
  • His stories are stories. Form be damned!
  • (author's note: "prose poem" is the dirtiest word in the language. I just had to spit and I didn't even say it out loud. Ew, just typing this is making me feel like someone jammed a bunch of nightcrawlers into my mouth. Someone wash my mouth with soap. I prefer Dove, but Lever 2000 is fine too)
  • He writes prose. (period!)
  • The language is controlled and is, as it should be, the core magnetic force of the piece.
  • The stories aren't for everyone.
  • They're short.
  • One sentence doesn't easily relate to the last or transition simply into the next.
  • You shouldn't read more than 4 stories at a time, and that's pushing it.

This was made by the tonguethrust at the most recent of wine nights:

Truly amazing.


Janis Ian sang the song, "At Seventeen" which has the line "I learned the truth at seventeen that love was meant for beauty queens." da da da, you've heard it and probably sang along in some kind of drunken Bridget Jones ice cream binge moment. Or maybe that's just me...


a couple of years ago, my friend, Snickerdoodle, (he really hates that nickname, by the way) decided to make "At Seventeen" his debut karaoke song. Snickerdoodle is a big greek man with much facial hair. He was holding a pbr and his voice scritched and scratched and warbled through the whole 8 minutes or however long the song is. I think it's how "At Seventeen" was meant to be sung. anyway, tequila.


*this* Janis Ian song I lifted from the Songs: Illinois blog. It contains the lovely lyric "folk is the new black, it's cheaper than crack, and you don't have to cook" which may be the runner-up for sentence of the week.

bow, curtsy, baton twirl

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