Sunday, January 01, 2006

Robot Love is Nice (I'm a tool)

Happy new year. I like 2006 so far. I slept, ate brunch, and now I'm watching E!'s profile of Jennifer Aniston. Told you, even numbers are awesome.

I flew in to Boston last night and entered into a magical world of snow and new year's celebrations. My cab driver was cool and we had a nice chat on the drive. I like cab drivers, I suggest chatting them up as much as possible.

I'm not on my computer, but the slut is letting me make use of hers. So here is a picture with a link to a song by "Lousy Robot." The song is "Together Somehow." To go with the song and 2006's theme of love and joy, I have included an image of some Robot Love. I didn't draw this robot, but I am a fan of it. Robot love is nice.

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