Thursday, January 12, 2006

Robot dreams and hollow wings

Wow, Blogspot got all kinds of nifty while I was gone. The font is *huge* and i feel a little like my hand is being held through all of this. Ahh, but I like holding hands so no complaints.

The first part of this note is a thought that came to mind one day when I was walking and it was just a really nice and calm day:

The second part of the note is a piece of a story that I'm working on. It's growing into a remarkable monster. It's a short story made up of paragraphs and prose, but it's in the structure of a villanelle. This is my outline (the plot points have changed, but you'll get the idea):

I'm really excited about this story. I think it's going to kick my ass. In a good way. Like Tae-Bo for prose/fiction. Oh, and "H" should be spelled "diOrama." As in those scenes created in shoeboxes. And then under it that word really is "cadaver." See what I mean? This story is going to kick. my. ass.

Do robots dream? And, if so, what do they dream of?

Tomorrow night, I am going to see a band called "Mittens" perform at a local establishment. "Mittens" is a trio from Boston. They play catchy ditties and sing lovely harmonies. And they're really nice, they played at a benefit that I helped organize last year. Good guys, good music. I am what the kids in Boston would call "wicked psyched" to go to the show. Hooray for rock and roll. Visit their website.

  • Mittens, "Big Decisions"

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