Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Yesterday, I wore a skirt and my fall jacket. Today it is snowing. This is why I have the cold from hell.

I made a lot of progress on a couple of stories that I haven't *quite* been able to finish yet, but I feel so close to being able to put the "done" stamp on them that I feel all kinds of rejuvinated and such.

Below is an image of some notes for the previously mentioned kick-my-ass story:

Now, this song is basically an audible version of how I felt when I read "The Dress" by Dylan Thomas (which turned out to be my new favorite story). A piece of what I like about it is that it kind of moves around the edges of what its intentions are and then it just kind of...ends. It's beautiful without being pleasurable. And when it's over you just want to start it again and turn it into a samsara for your rainy afternoon. I found it on the Said the Gramophone website (full of good songs and great writing), which I linked to the right, over there.

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