Monday, January 30, 2006

The Magical Journey of Captain Hard-Ass

Today was my first advising session with my grad project advisor for the semester. He is Captain Hard-Ass. And he knows it. And I know it. So we had a good time.

He doesn't like the kind of writing I do, he thinks it's fantasy for kids (to which I went, grr).
And he's frustrated by my lack of a grasp of punctuation (to which I went, well...).
And he would really appreciate some structure and not so much talking trees and whatnot (to which I said, get ready).

I don't like the kind of writing that he wants me to turn my work into and I told him so. Then we talked for a while, he said "Bullshit!" with hand motions and everything. And then we laughed and said, this'll be fun.

(And he would totally hate that I have given him a title instead of a proper name, mwah ha ha!...and that I put this in parentheses...)

These are some notes for an "academic" paper that I wrote last semester. The paper was about what significance an artist's definition of their own identity (race, class, gender, sexuality, etc) has on their art and whether or not it should even be an issue in the art. So on and so forth, blah, blah, was an awesome paper. A+, pat on back, etc. etc.

I would like to mention that while I was browsing the "referrals" section of my site meter (it tells me how you got here, you know, what site you were at before you found me) I discovered that someone arrived at my site via the Japanese Porn blog. To which I say, curtsy and tah-dah, welcome, I hope you enjoy the robots.

so anyways....

This is a wierd hydrant-type thing near my former place of work:

I have become quite fond of Edith Frost lately for the following reasons:
1) Her name is Edith
2) Her lyrics tell me that she is my sister of my soul
3) She makes her songs easily accessible to those who are too poor to buy her records, as much as they'd like to
4) She just seems like she'd be a nice lady
5) Did I mention that she just may be my sister of my soul?

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