Monday, January 23, 2006

If I was a robot, would you hold my hand? Of course!

Today was a strange kind of dreamy where am I ah well at least the sky is blue kind of day. Again, I wore my fall jacket. The cold is mostly gone and I was able to go for a nice stroll (or three).

It also occurred to me today that it would be really nice to have an m.lady robot to live certain parts of my life for me. Such as bumping in to people I really don't want to bump into. And flirting. And also zits. If the robot could deal with zits, that would be good. So if anyone knows of a good mechanic... maybe we can work on something together and create a fresh-faced, flirtatious, not bumping in to people version of me.

The best news of the day is that I was able to make a robot patch for my friend and I think it is my best so far. It is the Lady of Guadalupe and it's pretty big, the biggest patch yet. I took a picture of the sketch and the finished patch and I will hopefully post the pics in the next couple of days, because, dammit, I'm really happy with the end result.

Hagiographic: (n) biography of saints

This is my song to celebrate the day. It's all kinds of schizo and strange, but leaves you with a fairly happy feeling. Just like my day.

(CC, click on the damn link, you'll like the song.)


cc said...

You are, it seems, the boss...of me. Crap.

boxxo said...

i like hagiographic

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