Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Here's to remembering

oh, bitch, no you di'nt.

Ok, the patch. So the image above is a Lady of Guadalupe that I drew this summer.

The image above is my sketch for the patch...ready? ready? are you ready for the patch? are you ready?

Yay! The patch! I know, the image is really dim. But I'm very happy with the end result of the patch, so f-it, I posted the pic anyway. It's much bigger than any patch I've made before. And this one has color! Robot Lady of Guadalupe. (pat self on back)

This band is called "parenthetical girls."
is a remarkable word. It's like the lasagne of words.
I'm also posting this song because it's called "Here's to Forgetting" and I'm working on a "story" (ok, it's really just a big chunk of prose, fuck "story") about forgetting and such.

I want to take a minute and recognize the awesomeness of Said the Gramophone. They consistently post terrific music, which I then post here. Check them out. And also, the writing is beyond very good.

shoot, I'm out of wine.

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