Monday, January 09, 2006

the battleground(!) and a song about a train

Some time ago when it was bitter and cold in Chicago and I was wearing a few sweaters under my jacket and long underwear under my jeans and was waiting under the "heat" lamps of the train platform:

I was writing a note to myself in my notebook, "every story has the same ending," when a young man who seemed a bit down and out (his belongings in a paper bag) sat next to me on the bench and pulled out a yellow legal pad and continued to work on what seemed to be a story called "the battleground." I wanted *desperately* to take a picture of his notebook (especially because I write most of my work on a yellow legal pad before transferring it to my computer). But I didn't have the courage to ask his permission to take a picture. So we are left with this note, which I wrote to myself on the train so I wouldn't forget.

Hows about a new word (or two)?

A song for you, because I don't send out holiday cards and I most likely forgot your birthday, but dammit! if I don't love you.

  • Lucille Bogan, "I Hate That Train Called The M and O" (Bob Campbell and Josh White on guitar)

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