Friday, December 23, 2005

Wine night memories and robots

Ahh, home, sweet, suburban wasteland. I am back in the heartland for a brief visit before venturing back into the shoe/dog daycare world. So far I have been treated to brunch and taken a 4 hour nap. Home is nice.

So Monday was the last wine night of 2005 (sob). It also happened to be a cookie decorating party. After my first course of wine and my second course of cheese (w/ wine on the side) I drew a robot on a cookie. Not knowing we were all sharing the cookies, I ate it. It was delicious. But then The Texan had to go and draw a robot on a cookie:

Not to be outdone, I attempted to draw a robot on a cookie:

As you can see, I was outdone.

At this most lovely of wine nights there was a pleasant surprise in the manner of a collage robot made out of keys and other nifty things:

Sometime in the evening, as I was trying to move presents out of the way of my stumbling feet, I found myself face to face with an ornament version of what I look like the first thing in the morning:

And finally, this is a draft of a robot for a patch I made for a friend on mine. The writing is from an installment I saw in LA. I think it translates as "It's only water in the teardrop of a stranger." I put a pic of those words on this blog a while ago. Now you can see it in my context. Actually, it's just a quote from a longer passage that is really, really beautiful. I'll probably post the full text sometime in the near future. Click on the robot to hear a taste of delightful from the Rev. Al Green.

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