Monday, December 19, 2005

why so sad, robot?

The other day I was walking to work and saw this written in chalk on the sidewalk. It caught my eye for a couple of reasons, 1) I have been working on a story that has a single paragraph (?) of the words "I'm sorry." which I then changed to "I'm tired." and then changed to "She is tired." when I changed the perspective of the story (good move, by the way) It totally changed the meaning of that section, though. 2) Saying "I'm sorry" out loud, especially written in chalk on a sidewalk is sad and beautiful, I think.

I posted a link to the above picture to a website/blog called PostSecret. Check it out.

I have a lot of stories floating around in my brain. Who knows when I'll finally be able to write them down the way I want to. I've tried to write "he was born of the fireflies" more times than I can count. this is all of any of the versions that I still like:

This robot is really fucking, sad:

why so sad, robot?

Actually, this robot reminds me of when I worked in an office and I wanted to unplug myself all. the. time. I am reminded of office work because my friend loaned me seasons 1 and 2 of "The Office" (bbc version) and, 5 episodes in, I am laughing my ass of and really really sad because it really is like that. Really.

Click on the image of the sad robot and you shall be transported to an mp3 of a song called "Gauze" by a band calld "Carissa's Wierd." They used to be on a record label called "Sad Robot Records." Unfortunately, the label is no longer with us. No wonder the robot's sad.

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rot said...

Sad Robot is still around, they simply dropped the website for bit to rebuild a new one. In the meantime they are here: