Friday, December 16, 2005

Robots are people too (...?)

It has occurred to me that my language in my posts makes me sound a bit, um, dizzy. Which I am, but that is a little off topic, or on topic? See what I mean?

Should I apologize for my random use of commas, exclamation points, and robots? This is supposed to be a blog about writing from the point of view of a writer, yes?

Well, I suppose it is doing its job. I mean, when I say (or when Raymond Carver said) "Pocket Stuffed with Notes" he wasn't being literal. He was mentioning all the little things that jump into our lives throughout the day that we, as writers, make mental notes of, we get great delight of out little details and we collect those details and think "I'm going to put that in a story/poem/play/whatever!"

So there you go, my brain is filled with all of this randomness and just a fraction gets into my notebook (more pictures to come tomorrow).

I have to get to my macaroni (yum) but first, let me recommend, "The Dress" by Dylan Thomas. It is amazing. It is short story perfection and it is my number one true love.

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