Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I believed in what I saw

These are quotes in the cd jacket for The Manic Street Preachers greatest hits/remix cd. I have mixed feelings about quotes. They're great to carry around and use as little mottos, but they're also complete lies. Because they're taken out of context and misused most of the time. Who knows how to interpret a sentence all by itself? Still, I like to write them in my notebook. Most of the pages of the notebook are little quotes overheard or read somewhere. Nothing is in context then, is it? Everything is stolen. Yeah. I like that. Everything is stolen.

Speaking of (stolen) quotes. There's a Jack Kerouac quote I really like, "Everything I wrote was true because I believed in what I saw." Well, there's no way to top that. My whole paragraph above is just me trying to say what JK sums up in one line. I've linked a song to the image above. The song is "Yeah, I'm in love with an android" by Say Hi To Your Mom. So appropriate.

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